Resistometer Resi f300


An important piece of equipment that can measure the structural integrity of timber

fibre Optic Camera

Fibre Optic Camera

Visually access areas behind dry lining systems, timber heads, sub floor voids

Thermal Imaging camera

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is used to identify the source of the moisture in your building.

Consurv remove concrete samples from your site to test and ascertain the ratio of sand/cement used in the screed and sub flooring. These tests have proved vital in producing a standard specification which must be reached before the floors can be completed.

For Consurv to undertake a successful floor survey we carry out tests to ascertain the resistance levels within the floors and in different elements of the building. Using specialised testing and surveying equipment such as the Schmidt hammer test. Consurv can advise on the site levels of strength within the concrete of your floor and whether the same floor is suitable for the proposed floor finish.

Consurv advice widely on repair works of the sub-standard concrete floors and epoxy resins which are available on the market to consolidate existing floors rather than lifting and re-laying. We understand that commercial/industrial buildings prefer to use certain flooring finishes and it is our role to ensure that the chosen product is not only pleasing to the eye but laid to an appropriate key. Consurv have perfected the tests to ensure the concrete screeds are suitable for this preferred product. 

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Consurv advice widely on repair works of the sub-standard floors and epoxy resins which are available on the market to consolidate existing floors

Perfect Flooring

Perfect Flooring

Consurv undertake to remove samples from site to ascertain the ratio of sand/cement used to ensure perfect flooring.

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When conservation is a key factor we can bring our extensive experience to review Protected Structures with the ability to give accurate Historical Analysis with a view to Stone Conservation. Our teams skills make us a wise choice for Project Management and Health & Safety and Schedule of works in the Conservation field.

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