CONSURV is a firm of Building Consultants that specialises in the use of non-destructive investigative and intervention techniques to maintain and preserve buildings in optimum condition.

We are the third party who provides independent, real-world practical advice on the safest, most cost-effective repair or maintenance action to ensure the health of your building, and the safety of your employees and customers. 

Our consultants do this by conducting Condition Surveys on existing structures and ongoing construction projects, and Conservation Surveys on heritage buildings. We carry out a moisture test, which can be a key indicator for mould problems, dry rot and many other issues that can give a real live indication to the condition of the building and it's state of conservation. We differ from standard engineering or surveying because our extensive knowledge of Building Pathology means we can diagnose existing and future problems, give a clear understanding of what is causing them, and recommend action to ensure that your building stays healthy. 

CONSURV’S beginnings lie in Building Conservation, but it is our successful track of the practical application of modern, science-based remedial works which make us the correct consultant for buildings of all ages.

About Us

When conservation is a key factor we can bring our extensive experience to review Protected Structures with the ability to give accurate Historical Analysis with a view to Stone Conservation. Our teams skills make us a wise choice for Project Management and Health & Safety and Schedule of works in the Conservation field.

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