Chimney Damage

Chimney Damage

Blocked chimneys are a major problem and can cause costly chimney repairs. Chimney caps prevent debris from entering the flue.

Ivy Growth

Ivy Growth

If left to its own devices, ivy climbing up the walls of your house will invariably reach your roof. It can actually have a detrimental effect on structural elements of your home.

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

A roof valley is very prone to leaks, especially an older roof. Water with a slow occasional ingress can cause devastating damage.

Internal Roof Mould

Internal Roof Mould

What causes mould to grow in roofs & attics? Is it humidity, water leaks, condensation, flooding, leaking pipes and leaking roof or ceiling?

We give advise on development in historic areas and the repair and alteration of heritage and historic buildings

  • Consultancy in building restoration
  • Consultancy in diagnostics for stone and ceramic materials
  • Independent expert advice
  • Supporting Documentation for Conservation Projects
  • Site Analysis
  • Archival Research
  • Conservation Report
  • Character Assessments
  • Heritage Impact Statements 

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CONSURV have long term experience as one of Ireland’s leading Conservation Practices. We specialise in non-destructive investigative techniques in the interest of preserving the heritage and historic fabric of our building stock. We have vast experience working with and understanding historic structures. The Conservation Principles applied by CONSURV have proven invaluable in the assessments and restoration of many historic projects such as Farmleigh House, Castle Leslie, Castle Hyde, Cork Court House, Medieval Walls and Towers of Waterford City, Sligo Court House and indeed many smaller projects such as thatched cottages and terraced houses. 

We offer a broad range of services including fabric analysis and documentary research to the execution of condition surveys, architectural services, independent expert advice relating to corrective action for building decay and detailed specifications for carrying out specialist conservation work on site. A full Project Management Service from inception to completion of projects is offered. 

Planning and Development Advice 

We are able to assist clients through the planning process based upon our range of skills and experience. Using a Conservation Plan approach to establish an understanding of a designated site, it is possible to show that new development and conservation need not be mutually exclusive and that sympathetic solutions exist for sensitive sites. 

Heritage Appraisal and Assessment 

In assessing a site or building, we look to understand its significance across a number of headings and in the context of relevant statutory designations (protected structures or monuments). In our assessments we examine the Archaeological, Art-Historical, Historical and Cultural values associated with the location. We then recommend Conservation Strategies to protect and mitigate impact based upon a thorough understanding and analysis of the site and it's heritage as a whole.

About Us

When conservation is a key factor we can bring our extensive experience to review Protected Structures with the ability to give accurate Historical Analysis with a view to Stone Conservation. Our teams skills make us a wise choice for Project Management and Health & Safety and Schedule of works in the Conservation field.

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