Resistometer Resi f300


An important piece of equipment that can measure the structural integrity of timber

fibre Optic Camera

Fibre Optic Camera

Visually access areas behind dry lining systems, timber heads, sub floor voids

Thermal Imaging camera

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is used to identify the source of the moisture in your building.

Consurv specialize in the survey and assessment of historic or recent windows to ascertain their stability and the possibility of restoring or replacing the window.  The windows are always the independent object of our assessment.

A window serves as a convenient gateway to the outside world without needing to venture out of your four walls. Windows are essential for ventilation, capturing outside warmth, connecting the inside to the outside, privacy and security – all at the same time. On a number of historic projects the windows and glazed structures such as domes have proved central to the entire project.

Consurv undertake to Independently attend on site and prepare a detailed window schedule detailing the strength and capacity of existing windows using resistograph and dampness meters. All other window elements such as the domes and stained glass would also be independently accessed and considered individually.

Options will be offered on available films and protective coatings working in conjunction with window companies.

Consurv independently undertake to capitalise on the display of merchandise and getting maximum benefits from natural light at the lowest cost to the client.


Window Mould

Window Mould

The correct approach to addressing window mould is entirely dependent on the specific spore, what the wall is made of, and of course if the window is wooden, PVC or aluminum

Wood disintegration

Wood disintegration

It is not always time and that rots windows. When your beautiful windows need Non destructive treatment, you need the correct diagnosis.

Wood Rot

Wood Rot

Slowing the effects of time are sometime an easily achieved process.

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When conservation is a key factor we can bring our extensive experience to review Protected Structures with the ability to give accurate Historical Analysis with a view to Stone Conservation. Our teams skills make us a wise choice for Project Management and Health & Safety and Schedule of works in the Conservation field.

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